Greg & Cachet Coleman

For nearly 15 years, Greg & Cachet Coleman have served in leadership roles from Worship Team Members to Youth Ministry Leaders at The Lighthouse, a non-denominational ministry in Pittsburgh, PA. During their tenures as licensed ministers and installed as the Fine Arts Minister and Minister of Music respectively, they were responsible for coordinating event programming and leading a BOOMING staff that performed and collaborated with organizations around the region.

Having ambitions for inspiring people, Greg was encouraged by his wife to continue his education. After much praying and some googling, he stumbled upon Duquesne University’s graduate Leadership Program landing him in a learning environment to glean from great minds all over the world. Now holding an MS in Leadership with a specialty in Community Leadership, Greg recognized the demand for people to “dream” again and developed G&C Coleman Consulting, LLC as a resource to help tap the leader within people and improve the systems those leaders best fit in.

The Coleman's experience with nonprofit leadership exposed them to the struggles and benefits of community-focused programming, while Greg's professional experience in local government, and Cachet's in the medical field, uncovered the machine-like management systems that lacked genuine influential leadership. Now, G&C Coleman Consulting, LLC is a functioning organism focused on breathing life into places that seem dead and assisting leaders with unlocking the potential inside of them.

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