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We can meet you where you are! Looking to empower leaders in your organization with power-pack motivation? Need expert guidance to identify the direction of your life and relationships with 1-on-1 sessions? G&C has customized consulting and coaching services for you.


Leadership Consulting

At G&C, we understand that an organization is only as healthy and productive as the leaders within. Taking a step back to examine organizational health, whether 1-on-1 or group talk, can help identify overlooked obstructions in productivity and development. Our leadership consultant services are available to assist leaders with assessing their capacity to meet organizational goals by probing the current systems and getting back on track.

Strategic Planning

“Write the vision and make it plain…”
We at G & C take this biblical truth to transcend the confines of faith-based organizations as it has proven its effectiveness in the corporate sector as well. However, it is not uncommon for leaders to find themselves stuck in a growth rut. G&C facilitates organizational leaders with the defining vision, developing realistic internal/external objectives, and laying out a focused path to accomplish those goals.

Team Building

Conflict can be found in every line of work. The most effective teams are those that find ways to navigate through conflict in a healthy way. We at G&C help assist organizations with unifying their team through a variety of conflict resolution methods, boosting workplace morale by establishing effective staff communication, and improving professional civility within the ranks.


Personal Development Coaching

You may have heard the African proverb, "It takes a village to...", but might we add, "What if the village is sick?" As creatures of habit, we value every opportunity to speak before a group of leaders and rekindle the fire within. Whether it be a church youth group or an auditorium of execs, we value the necessity of inspiring people to maximize their potential and unlock the leader inside.

Relationship Coaching

Your greatest assets in life are walking, sleeping, and working around you everyday. G&C can walk you through this journey of developing relational tools like effective communication, identifying triggers and love languages, rekindling the marital fire, and more. Every aspect of our human development involves relationships and G&C thrives on seeing you WIN in relationships.

"Trust is every effective leaders currency.
You lose trust . . . You become a bankrupt leader."

-Gregory Coleman

G & C Coleman Consultant, LLC

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Temporarily changing your actions is just problem-solving. Permanently changing your habits is solution-finding.
-Gregory Coleman


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